Kelly Charm – Better Investment than a Kelly?

I finally managed to get my hand on the Kelly Charm, not the Kelly Bag, but the miniature version used as a bag charm. The charm was first launched in Fall 2019, as mentioned by our friend at PurseBlog (who always have great, up to date news on the latest fashion addictions), and when it launched, I wasn’t too into it. It was small, impractical, and I honestly was not too attracted to it. Why get the bag charm, when you can just get the bag, am I right?

Fast forward to the COVID pandemic and Winter 2020, I keep seeing photos of the Kelly charm populate my IG and blogs. Like Skittles, there were a variety of colors and they looked so perfect hanging down another full sized Hermes bag. I emailed my SA in the middle of the night after seeing some more photos, and caved to my addiction. I asked her to help me find the Kelly charm.

After 3 months of patiently waiting (and a Birkin pick up later), I finally got the news that she received one charm, and asked me to go and check it out. It was in Capucine, which I was delighted to see since it can match many colors, and without hesitation, I took it home. It was so dainty and cute, I couldn’t resist playing with it and matching it with different colored bags.

Three days have passed since I took that beauty home and even took it out on an excursion or two. And it really got me thinking, was that tiny bag charm worth the $2750usd price tag? I played around with it, and it’s one of the most beautiful charms and accessories I have seen, but given the chance, would I get another one? For now, I think my answer would be no. It’s a beautiful toy, but not one that is useful, and despite the detailed craftsmanship, it just didn’t shout Hermes luxury like the full size bags. Because of the small size of the charm, there’s no logos on the hardware and the stitches look a bit out of proportion close up. The Twilly that it comes with is a bit too long, and when I paired it with my Garden Party PM, it dangled below the base making it easy to scratch when you put the bag down.

Kelly charm with Garden Party PM

I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind again, but for now, I think my initial response to the charm was more on point than my thirst to chase the trend. I don’t regret getting one but I won’t be on the hunt for another quite yet. At least I know this little charm will retain value if I change my mind since they’re on resell sites like Rebag for almost $4000usd!