Chanel C19 – A Refresher

Karl Lagerfeld launched the C19 bag in 2019 as his final collection for the brand. He designed the bag alongside his successor Virginie Viard, as a metaphoric passing of the baton. The bag also pays homage to the 2.55 classic bag through its naming convention – C19, 19 as in 2019.

The bag as an instant hit with Chanel fans. More and more variations have become available since its debut, let’s take a look at why:

Supple but Sturdy – The bag is easy to hold because it’s soft and puffy, not structured like more Chanel classics. So you can give it a soft squeeze and not worry about wrinkles or folds. It’s large bottom gives it a good balance and when it’s filled, the weight helps the bag stand, even if it’s not structured.

Relaxed and Roomy – With a more relaxed design compared to other classic Chanel bags, I found that it’s easier to fit more items, and awkwardly shaped items into the C19 than my classic flaps. There is still an awesome “back pocket” which is one of my favorite Chanel classic flap features, and the regular sized C19 can fit my iPhone 12 with no problem!

Hold or Hang – The C19 design has a metal handle and a shoulder strap which makes it very convenient to use as a day bag, or evening bag. Cross shoulder it with the strap with a pair of jeans or hide the strap and use the handle with a formal pant suit for date night!

Classic yet Creative – Chanel scores 100 points on the goal of the C19. They included all the classic elements – CC clasp, chunky chains, diamond quilting, and a back pocket.

Sizes & Pricing (lambskin bag prices as of May 2021)

Bag – C19Dimensions (inches)Price (USD pre-tax)
C19 Wallet on Chain (WOC)4.3 X 7.5 X 1.4$3,250
C19 Flap Bag6.2 X 10.1 X 3.5$5,100
C19 Large Flap Bag7.8 X 11.7 X 3.9$5,600
C19 Maxi Flap Bag9.8 x 14 X 4.3$6,200

Materials – The C19 comes in so many fun materials and colors, it’s so hard to chose my favorite!

Hope this refresher for the C19 was helpful! I always get intimidated by new designs since I have no idea what to expect from it but Chanel seems to be sticking to the C19 and fans are still loving it. I expect more exciting designs and colors to be launched in the next few seasons!