Chanel Box Shortages? Yes, the gift box, not the bags!

There’s something about untying that silk ribbon, slowly removing tissue paper, and more tissue paper, then finally reaching into that holy grail to find your new baby wrapped in a dust bag that makes your adrenaline rush. You know exactly what you bought, most of the time, unless it was a gift. But seeing it at home, safe and sound, is still as breathtaking as the first Chanel you brought home.

Until 2020 and Covid-19 came along. That’s when Chanel started telling clients they have a shortage of not products, but boxes! I personally experienced this as early as July 2020 when my SA told me, sorry, I have to give you a black dust bag because I’m out of the white ones. She also gave me a huge box for the tiny bag because she was out of the smaller boxes. At that time, I didn’t mind as long as I got my bag.

Fast forward to December 2020, I got a mini Coco Handle, and my SA gave me a dust bag and told me they’re out of boxes. She asked if it’s okay to put it into the shopping bag and to put me down on her IOU list. She explained that the boxes have not arrived, and she’s been owing clients boxes for at least 3 months now. I got another bag in February 2021 and still, no box! I didn’t realize it was such a huge problem until I stumbled onto a PurseForum chain where everyone was sharing updates on the box shortage issue!

Finally, I received a text to tell me to go in and pick up my boxes yesterday, early March 2022. I went right away, scared the boxes will be gone too soon and just as I anticipated, she told me there’s two left! She had to start owing people boxes again!
Long story short, text or contact your SA ASAP if they owe you a box and grab it as quick as you can! Who knew bags and boxes would be waitlisted!

My two very rare Chanel boxes